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About Absolute Aviation Services


Absolute Aviation Services is an FAA/ EASA certified repair station with capabilities extending to most commercial aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas, as well as regional aircraft including ATR, Bombardier, and Embraer. We specialize in lighting, power, electrical components, and instruments.

Absolute was founded in 2004 on the principle that it takes more than repair capability to offer value. In addition to our commercial repair and overhaul capability, our value-added services include: Product Improvement Analysis and Implementation, Competitive Accurate Pricing, Reliable Quality Repairs, Exceptional Turn Time, and Superior Customer Service.

Absolute's Product Improvement Process utilizes Design Analysis to continually evaluate repairable and rotable aircraft components for improvement. For every component, every time: the cause of failure is identified, the complete repair history is reviewed, and subcomponent costs and component reliability are evaluated.

Another facet of our Improvement Process includes Engineering Solutions such as: precautionary improvements, preventative changes, and DER approved engineering repairs. Our engineering repair improvements can provide dramatic savings on high-cost and high-removal units, and offer valuable savings on every category of aircraft components: standard component repairs, expendable components, BER units, unsupported aircraft & LRUs, and level 1 functional test only items.

Absolute Aviation uses DER Approved Engineered Repair Specifications to repair high-cost and high-removal units and expendable components. Repaired expendables (coined 'Extendable') are returned to service offering as much as a 75% savings over replacing with new. Extendable repair solutions provide: extended component life-cycles, improved reliability, reduced capital expenditure costs, and no cost research & development. Absolute has earned a respected reputation for the ability to effectively analyze and identify expendable aircraft component design flaws and engineer effective cost saving repair solutions.

Reliability Tracking is another important aspect of our Product Improvement Process. Our team has extensive experience working with airline engineering and material professionals to eliminate the problems associated with high-failure and high-cost components. In-house tracking and trend analysis of component reliability ensures that every repair improvement is providing measurable results. The benefits of this approach are: Dramatically Reduced Life-Cycle Costs, Improved Reliability, Extended Life-Cycle of Repairable and Extendable, as well as Reduced Failure and Removal Rates.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs to members of the commercial aircraft industry through innovative engineered repair solutions. We emphasize integrity and customer satisfaction while adhering to the highest industry standards of safety and quality.

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8122 W Pilot Drive
Spokane, WA 99224